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Our Stellar Journey

At UBA-Comissão de Estrelas Variáveis, we are passionate about producing tutorials, guiding observers, creating observation schedules, issuing stellar event alerts, and promoting observation campaigns. Our goal is to inspire participation in variable star observation, facilitate data submission, and encourage collaboration among observers and institutions.

Our Stellar Mission

To foster a culture of curiosity and collaboration in the field of variable star observation, driving engagement, sharing knowledge, and advancing scientific discoveries through our dedicated efforts.

Core Values We Embrace

Passion for Astronomy: We are fueled by a deep love for the cosmos and a commitment to expanding astronomical knowledge.
Community Engagement: We prioritize building connections, fostering discussions, and creating a sense of belonging within the observer community.
Scientific Integrity: We uphold rigorous scientific standards, ensuring accuracy, reliability, and transparency in all our endeavors.

Our Collaborative Approach to Observing

By following a collaborative approach, we aim to enhance the experience and impact of stellar observation.

Expert Guidance

Offering expert advice and resources to support observers in their variable star exploration journey.

Data Accessibility

Facilitating easy data submission processes to streamline the sharing of valuable observation findings.

Community Empowerment

Empowering the observer community through knowledge-sharing initiatives, mutual support, and collaborative projects.

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